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What’s new with the latest version of Omnitracs Roadnet Transportation Suite v3.7.9

The latest version of Omnitracs Roadnet Transportation Suite, version 3.7.9, is here with several enhancements to make it easier to use than ever before. Roadnet, Territory Planner. MobileCast & Mobile App, FleetLoader and Transportation Suite Web Services all received enhanced functionality.



Determine who can and cannot make changes to break options in Roadnet and Territory Planner

Restrict who can and cannot change the options for breaks in both Roadnet and Territory Planner to ensure that your organisation is in compliance with federal or state regulations as well as potential union contract rules.

Monitor the status of data transfers between Roadnet Transportation Suite and Roadnet Anywhere

When using a hybrid of Roadnet Transportation Suite and Roadnet Anywhere, it’s necessary to transfer data between systems in order maintain them. A new Roadnet Anywhere Bridge Status window shows the number of jobs and their current status.


Adjust times for multiple standard routes at once

Within standard routes, there is no longer a need to modify one route at a time from the standard route properties. Choose one or more standard routes, right click and a modification window appears to change the start time and pre- or post-route times.

Easily identify product type group(s) assigned in compartment types list

Compartment routing allows product type groups to be assigned to a compartment – you can now easily identify which product group is assigned in the Compartment Types list view.

Quickly assign and/or change the origin & destination of one or more daily routes

No longer must users change the start and end point or a route on a route by route basis. Click on one or more daily routes and a window will appear that allows a user to change the origin or destination for all daily routes selected.

View SKU description and line item user-defined fields in the orders list

Get more information about routes and stops when making edits. No longer do users need to memorise SKU numbers as SKU descriptions are available. Users defined line item fields are also available.

Replace information for multiple preferred route IDs simultaneously

Change route property information for multiple routes quickly and easily. Select the preferred route ids, right click and select replace all. The Replace Route Attributes window will open. Choose the attributes that you would like changed on the collection of preferred routes.

View order numbers at the stop level

Know in detail what orders are at each stop while editing routes in the route editor. This is in addition to being able to view order numbers in the stop list, unassigned list and lookup (Ctrl + L).


Territory Planner

Upload additional fields from Territory Planner

After completing route design work in Territory Planner, you are now able to upload to other systems the driver 2, territory description and location user-defined fields (all).

Download Updated Service Times from Roadnet Anywhere to create more Accurate Routes

Just like using service time updated within RTS, when you are using a hybrid model of Territory Planner and Roadnet Anywhere Dispatching, you can now import the imputed service time from RNA into TP to create more accurate standard routes.


MobileCast & Mobile App

Select Mobile Options for Audit Trails

Added the capability to see not only who changed options in the options notebook, but also made changes to the subset of options, mobile options.

Quickly View Pickup and Delivery Quantities (Android)

Drivers can quickly see the pickup and delivery quantities for the stops on all of the route. This info has been added to the Ready to Start screen and the Stops List. The colour of the number reflects a pickup or delivery.

Quicker Access to Lists (Android)

Making it easier for drivers to access drop-down lists by moving them out of the menu and have them pop up automatically.

Scanning Responses to Mobile Form Questions (Android)

No more typing numbers and letters into form fields allowing for errors when there is a barcode available to scan. Scan barcodes to populate fields that are either text or numeric whether on a box or a set of responses attached to a clipboard.



Load Product by Volume or Quantity

Ensure that larger products, such as 2L bottles, are loaded first to provide stability for loads when the higher quantities are smaller package types, such as cans, which would traditionally be on the bottom. There is a new option to load by volume first (e.g. package size) in both driver and warehouse-friendly loading.

Export Orders, and User-Defined Fields via Exported Loaded Routes

If additional information is stored about orders and line items as user-defined fields, all UDFs can now be exported. This requires an edit to the Export Loaded Routes Import layout to utilise. Roadnet


Transportation Suite Web Services

Retrieve Flush Cost for a Planned Route

The Routing Route class has been modified so that users can read the flush cost for the planned route.

Please contact us if you are interested in functionality or modules that you do not currently have.


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