We believe in continual support through education, training and thought leadership. That's why we have created this webinar series for our users.

Market Motion webinars

Our webinar series explores industry trends, software tips and tricks and discuss how you can improve safety, increase sales, reduce operating costs and improve customer service. Register for a webinar today. We will email you a confirmation and then an hour before the webinar we will email you a link to view the webinar. Alternatively, you can watch a recorded on-demand webinar. It’s that simple.

“Thanks for organising the webinar this morning, I found it really interesting and the information is definitely applicable to our day to day work.” – Sales Operations Manager Field



On-demand webinars

The latest in map technology – Businesses who use maps for navigation need to ensure they are using the most up-to-date, accurate and therefore the most advanced map technology to ensure worker productivity and safety. Presented by TomTom Maps

Android in the enterprise – Learn about why Google Android has become the operating system of choice for business and enterprise mobile devices. Presented by Zebra Technologies

Reducing operational costs – important points and ideas to consider

How the ‘Amazon effect’ is shaping the future of wholesale delivery. Presented by Omnitracs

Best practices for driving fleet efficiency with analytics tools
Part 1 – The basics and how to set actionable KPIs

Fleet safety – Top 10 software tips for safer route management


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