Data and Analytics

Your fleet operations have a lot of moving parts.
Capture data from your drivers, your vehicles, your routing decisions and operating processes. Fleet analytics becomes meaningful with easy-to-analyse reports, so you can make better business decisions.

Enterprise insight
Operational visibility
Unified data
Plan vs actual vs projected

Fleet analytics – capture, customise, analyse and act

Integrated intelligence from a suite of tools that transforms your transportation data into meaningful views of performance. Unlike some other fleet analytics tools, Insight provides historical, current and projected views – so you can get the big picture on trends and drill right down to root causes.


Reporting for all levels - enterprise, operations, customer and assets

Data can be reported from an enterprise, business unit level or all the way down to a map, an individual piece of equipment or worker. Easily compare plan vs. actual vs. projected.

Integrated intelligence from a suite of tools

Pool all your planning, dispatching and telematics data – so you can easily see correlations among cost, service, efficiency and driver performance.

Effortless set-up and management

There is no need to create reports, they are already created for you. Sort, filter, group and visualise the specific information you need. Use system templates or create graphs of your own. Additionally, the data and tools are in the cloud – so are available anywhere at any time and don’t need additional IT resources to maintain the software or servers.
fleet analytics

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