See what your drivers and trucks are doing in real-time with telematics tools. Onboard GPS monitoring technology tracks a critical spectrum of vehicle operating and usage parameters. Reduce cost, monitor risk, improve safety.

Reduce vehicle maintenance
Monitor risk
Promote safety
Improve productivity & cost

Telematics – the latest onboard GPS monitoring technology

Our telematics tools will provide significant savings in fleet operating costs. Track a critical spectrum of vehicle operating and usage parameters, such as kilometres driven, engine faults, idling time, seat belt usage and much more. The result is a clear picture of your fleet’s risk, productivity and maintenance status – and a clear path toward improvement.


Driver safety

Gives you the driver-specific information and tools you need to empower your drivers to change behaviour that puts them at risk – and ultimately reduce injury.

Pinpoint risk through accurate reporting

Drill down on specific risks by driver, branch, region and more – so you can take action to address unsafe behaviour and practices.

Reduce cost

Reduce and prevent vehicle damage and insurance claims by increasing safe driving. Prevent downtime and emergency services. Reduce maintenance costs by reducing idling. Support ‘green’ initiatives by controlling fuel consumption. Get the full life of your leases. Optimise fleet size.

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