We don’t just implement software. Our knowledge, methods and industry experience are your key to success.

Strategic Services

Market Motion offers flexible, comprehensive and most importantly, customised consulting. Our consultants will analyse your business goals and gain a thorough understanding of your company’s issues. We deliver a detailed project scope, assign specific tasks to be accomplished by all stakeholders, then provide a sequence of events, so the project runs smoothly and efficiently. Our expert guidance and strategic solutions will ensure you achieve your business goals.


Routing Operations Analysis

Market Motion reviews your existing routing processes and business-wide communication with a route operations analysis. We then provide a numerical benchmark score and a list of short and long term action points – to steer your routing approach and investment towards profit and customer focus.

Customer Insights

We can uncover your key customer value drivers and where to focus the efforts of your people with a carefully structured customer insight survey and analysis.

Time Studies

Our in-field collection techniques analyse and report on a number of factors including travel time, time spent over the course of a typical day and activities performed within a service call – and provide immediate cost and time-saving recommendations.

Customer Service Plans

The use of our strategic modelling tools allows your business to predict the resources and budget required to activate an effective customer service plan.

Network Modelling

Your business should predict changes by modelling alternative fleet configurations, evaluating where to open and close depot locations, and looking for opportunities to understand costs and manage them effectively. Market Motion can assist in establishing your modelling capability, and to put the right solutions in place.


Implementation Services

Successfully implementing new technology into a business is only the first step. We work closely with you to formulate a structured and effective implementation process that starts with an aligned project vision and ends with personnel working on routes produced from our solutions.

Territory and Routes Plans

Become agile in your approach to strategic and tactical territory and route planning. We will work with you to extract information from your personnel, then run it through our software using a powerful algorithm to strategically re-route your sales, service or delivery team.

Professional Product Training

Once the decision is made to invest in the industry’s premier fleet software solutions and technology, you must ensure that every employee knows how to use these powerful, new tools. Market Motion offers flexible training methods to suit your needs.


Software Support

Market Motion’s Australian-based internal technical consultants have extensive experience with our products and solutions. Support is available 24/7.

Life Cycle Partnership

We are there at every step of the project to support your business.

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