Dispatch and Mobility

Routing is only part of the equation. Update your customers with delivery and service status and ensure your plan is performing with real-time resource tracking using our Routing & Dispatch solution.

Reduce paperwork
Real-time visibility
Proactive customer service
Real-time route management

Dispatching to deliver a great plan

Dispatching allows fleet managers to see routes with real-time resource tracking, exception management, and confirmation that the fleet’s plan is the reality. Knowing where remote employees are located, when they will make deliveries or service calls, and any changes to the day’s plans are critical to properly managing your transportation business. Dispatching works hand in hand with wireless voice and data networks and GPS for real-time resource tracking of actual vs. plan information, plus much more.


Work in real-time

Manage live dispatch of pick-ups and deliveries.

Take control

Compare plan vs. projected vs. actual to ensure drivers are safe, customer service levels are maintained and routes are efficient.

Improve customer service

Keep customers happy with proactive customer communication – which will then reduce ‘where’s my order’ calls.

Continuous improvement

Use data gathered from the drivers’ mobile devices to continuously improve your planning.

Mobility and connecting your workforce

real time resource tracking

An easy-to-use app available on Android, Apple and Windows consumer phones or enterprise handheld devices.  Move to paperless with multiple features, which allow your drivers to become more productive.


Choose your device and operating system

Available on Android, Apple and Windows operating systems. Can be used on consumer phones or heavy-duty enterprise handhelds.

Go paperless

Configurable proof of delivery (POD) and navigation with voice to guide drivers through their day. Collect signatures on glass, record accurate quantities delivered and picked up, customise workflow activities and messaging, and capture a picture of delivery tasks.

Increase driver accountability

Improve driver performance as accountability increases. Drill down on data to see stop-by-stop what work has been accomplished. See who is or isn’t meeting performance standards and set benchmarks.


You’ll have visibility into the day’s routes, stops and mobile resource performance at your fingertips. Quickly see where workers are geographically.

Customer SMS notifications

The customer is king – and an increasingly demanding one. SMS notifications can be sent to customers advising of a delivery time and when an order has been delivered. This dramatically reduces call centre costs with real-time, proactive customer communication.


Meet rising customer expectations

Keep your customer happy by keeping on top of their expectations around communication and promised delivery times.

Reduce costs

Automation means call centre staff make and receive fewer calls.

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