Roadnet Anywhere Dispatching manages all route tracking via a GPS-enabled mobile phone or telematics device, actively tracking your drivers through their day.

Managers can gain insight and visibility into the delivery day by having all real-time information displayed in a single view, with key performance data and exceptions clearly identified to easily determine how the day is unfolding. The software also facilitates direct interaction with drivers in the field, allowing for communication between dispatch/managers and their drivers.

Roadnet Anywhere Dispatching provides:

  • Real-time visibility – Analyse how well your route plan is being executed with “Actual vs. Planned”, customer arrival and departure times, and more.
  • Increased driver productivity – GPS tracking ensures your drivers are following the most cost-effective routes, reducing wasted time and mileage.
  • Notification of unplanned activities – Manage by exception by setting alerts for unplanned stops or route path deviations.
  • Proactive customer service – Be alerted to potential service issues before they happen and react efficiently by keeping the lines of communication open to customers.

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