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July 11, 2018
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August 7, 2018

What are the benefits of Telematics?

On the hunt to improve fleet management, you’ve inevitably run across fleet telematics. You’ve probably even gone as far as weighing the benefits of fleet telematics against its costs. It all comes down to the same question: is it worth it?

The real question you should be asking yourself is, can my fleet run properly without it?

Imagine this scenario. You are coaching your son’s junior AFL team. You work hard to teach them the fundamentals, coach them, and give them the ability to play the game. On game day, the kids are ready, the field is set, and it’s time to play ball. Then, you walk into the concession stand and lock yourself in the storage cupboard since you know the kids are ready and you trust their ability and desire to win will result in a victory… of course, no coach would ever do that. A good coach needs to be involved in the game, giving instructions, changing plays, and engaging his players. But many fleet managers don’t do this.

Yes, most of us do go into the field and engage with drivers, and often managers and drivers exchange many phone calls throughout the day to solve problems, but these interactions will never show you the game as it’s happening. That’s where having a robust fleet telematics system comes into play.


A new tech solution to old fleet management problems

Every day, you send out a fleet of expensive vehicles filled with expensive products to your customers as safely and efficiently as you can. You hope nothing goes wrong, but surprises happen.

Service delays, traffic congestion, and accidents all impact performance. Most importantly, customer expectations are not met when your daily plan goes wrong. The data you need to make decisions is limited and arrives too late to impact events in a meaningful way.

What you need is real-time data.


Stay in the game with real-time analytics

Fleet telematics provides real-time data that helps you understand vehicle usage and create programs to keep expenses at a minimum when surprises happen. It also helps you on a micro-level, like reducing idling and improving vehicle maintenance programs.

The value for vehicle-centric improvements is clear, but that is only half of the opportunity. The ability to use telematics to immediately impact driver behaviour is another important aspect. Often, adding telematics will automatically reduce mileage as drivers becomes aware their days are being tracked. Drivers are more likely to stay on their route and are generally safer when they know somebody is watching. Telematics acts as your eyes to manage your fleet and people in real time.


How Roadnet Telematics can help you

Roadnet Telematics provides higher situational awareness by letting managers know where every driver and vehicle is in real time. You can use this data to understand and change behaviours to root out unnecessary costs.

The telemetry data provides evidence to understand what really happened after a service failure, accident, or off-route event. Without telematics, investigating and resolving these issues is tough because there is little information available. With telematics, all the data you need is there. The right data helps protect you and your team from unsafe behaviour, false legal claims, and unjustified expenses.

Real-time, analytical data is one of the driving benefits of fleet telematics. Having this data enables you to:

  • improve management of fleet resources
  • reduce fleet fuel costs by reducing vehicle idling
  • capture useful information for proactive maintenance
  • reduce fleet costs by making your vehicles last longer through safety and maintenance improvement
  • validate reported safe driving incidents

But you won’t need to stay in the office to watch the information pouring in. Instead of forcing your managers to collect data and analyse reports, Roadnet Telematics gives you the right information when you need it so you can focus on execution. With this data, you can monitor multiple driver activities to develop protocols and policies for improving key metrics. Performance data can be used to identify opportunities to reduce fleet operating costs and track performance against your new policies.


Tracking KPIs that matter

Capturing fleet management key performance indicators is crucial. Without it, you lack the data you need to make informed decisions that impact your bottom line.

Roadnet Telematics is powered by GPS, allowing managers to locate stolen vehicles, track vehicles 24 hours a day and know immediately when there is unauthorised vehicle usage. GPS tracking improves daily route adherence, routing metrics, and the routing process (such as service times and geocode validations).

Now you can capture actual arrival, departure, and driving times, which let you optimise departure based on traffic congestion, delivery windows, and frequency of visits.

Roadnet also empowers you to save fuel by ensuring that routes are optimised and scheduled routes match actual activity. Telematics data helps you do this by integrating this information into your routing process.


Can you afford to function without it?

Let Roadnet Telematics be your catalyst for change. Given the competition of operating a fleet in today’s world, the question isn’t why don’t you have telematics — it’s how can you function without it?

Roadnet Telematics makes sure your efficiency programs are executed intelligently. It helps every company have the most cost-effective operation, giving you the data to make the right decisions, rapidly drive out bad performance, and track your vehicles in real-time. Be aware or beware.


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