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March 21, 2018

Safer route management – Top 10 software tips

Safer route management requires being proactive and getting right to the root of the problem.


Here are our top 10 software tips software that can improve the safety of our employees and assets.

Listen to our webinar: Safer route management – Top 10 software tips for detail information.


Tip #1

Utilise commercial restrictions in your map data for live route management

safer route management

Tip #2


  • Geocoding
  • Ongoing management of service times
  • Treatment of customer time windows
  • Use of customer restrictions and how this can impact the accuracy of routes

Tip #3

Proactive & strategic planning

Tip #4

Tactical planning – Use visual indicators

Tip #5

Tactical planning – Use Suggested route for late or unassigned orders

Tip #6

Assign breaks and layovers but also drivers should be able to assign breaks on the road.

Tip #7

Real-time notifications of dispatch exceptions

Tip #8

Strengthen your driver vehicle inspection reporting (DVIR)

Tip #9

Status update for drivers on route

Tip #10

Mobile alerts to the driver

Additional tip

Use enterprise-level data & analytics tools



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