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February 1, 2017

What’s new with Omnitracs Roadnet Anywhere v4.3

The Roadnet Anywhere platform received upgrades across its routing, dispatching, mobile, telematics, and business intelligence applications to enhance the user experience. Roadnet Anywhere v4.3 is now available to help fleets plan and monitor routes throughout the day as well as analyse fleet overall operations.

The Roadnet Mobile App has received some of the biggest and most noteworthy enhancements in the latest version. These new features include a new look for the mobile app on Android devices as well as several usability improvements to make the app more user-friendly and easier on the eyes for drivers. These include a new colour scheme, new icons, an easier-to-find task list, and more.

Another important feature that has been added to Roadnet Anywhere v4.3 is the ability to monitor non-route related idling. Users in Insight can now sort the data by location in order to know how much of the idling was done in the depot, and not during the route. This information goes a long way to give managers a more accurate idea of how their drivers are taking care of the vehicles.

Other exciting enhancements include:

Roadnet Anywhere DispatchingWhen sending notifications to recipients about exceptions that occur, your recipients may not want to receive notifications for every single depot, just the ones they care most about. Now, you can indicate which depot a recipient should receive notifications for within Roadnet Anywhere.

Roadnet Mobile Application: In response to a growing Menu list on Android phones, the “Add Non-serviceable Stop” and “Add Stop” buttons have been combined into a single “Add Unplanned Stop” option. This change will reduce the length of the Menu, which has grown too long for some smaller Android screens.

Roadnet Insight: If you wish to send regularly scheduled KPIs to managers or anyone without access to Insight, you can now do so with the KPI Export Schedule. The export runs daily or monthly, and is sent as an email to the address of the recipients you include as a .csv file which can be edited and manipulated as needed.

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Source: Omnitracs

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