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Omnitracs One – Omnitracs announces unified fleet management platform
January 9, 2019
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March 28, 2019

Omnitracs acquires Blue Dot Solutions, dramatically increases focus on driver workflow and back office usability of fleet management software

On March 14, 2019, Omnitracs announced the acquisition of Blue Dot Solutions, a leading provider of cloud-based workflow software applications and platform solutions for the transportation industry.

Omnitracs will integrate Blue Dot’s modern, cloud-native MilesAhead™ platform and product suite into Omnitracs One – the new, unified platform will offer the industry a solution with an unparalleled ability to improve the productivity, safety, flexibility, and scalability of overall fleet operations through seamless unified workflow experiences that feature modern user interfaces, visual presentation layers, and a high level of workflow configurability.

“To serve the growing need of our customers to adapt to a rapidly changing industry we are continuously focused on driving innovation throughout the transportation industry,” said Ray Greer, CEO of Omnitracs. “Blue Dot is known for its best-in-class, cloud-native technologies, modern user-centric interfaces, and configurability that allows the ability to quickly map to the unique needs of differing fleets. We’re excited to welcome Blue Dot and their skilled team of experienced employees to the Omnitracs family to further underscore our continued industry leadership and shared commitment to our customers.”

Developed as an integrated platform that trucking, transportation, and field service organisations can use to digitally transform their business, the MilesAhead platform and products add capabilities to the Omnitracs portfolio including:

  • A modern driver workflow application that significantly improves the driver’s quality of life
  • A modern back-office application that manages and enables rapid configurability of actionable workflows for fleet operations best practices
  • A data analytics engine that brings the “connected” to fleet operations and provides unimaginable insights into your assets, drivers, and operations
  • A centralized administration and management portal that offers unlimited configurability and control for unified workflow solutions

By integrating the MilesAhead platform and products into Omnitracs One, drivers will be given a streamlined mobile user interface that will be highly intuitive, eliminate steps and wasted time spent on reporting. Through this acquisition, Omnitracs will set the pace for next-level driver satisfaction by easing the exhaustive administrative burden continually being placed on drivers.

“Uniting MilesAhead with Omnitracs, the standard bearer of transportation technology, is the ideal outcome for our organization. With MilesAhead, we are at the forefront of transportation innovation, enabling drivers, driver-managers, and other back-office personnel to simplify their daily jobs and improve operational processes, leading to increased corporate financial performance and improved driver retention, recruitment, training, safety, and job satisfaction,” said Michael Sklansky, CEO of Blue Dot Solutions. “We are unique in our approach to aggregating transportation data and insights and placing this information in the right hands, at the right time, with sufficient context – facilitating edge computing. By joining forces with Omnitracs, our team is well-positioned to help accelerate innovation in the transportation technology ecosystem.”

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