Sales Force Planning

Omnitracs Roadnet Territory Planner helps sales teams strategically prepare optimal territories and routes for sales, pre-sales, merchandisers and standard route operations whilst ensuring customer needs are met.

Historical data, including meeting days, open/close times, preferred meeting times, volume, and geographic location are used to create optimised and balanced territories, routes, and stop sequences — all within an easy-to-use interface that allows re-routes to occur when needed. Inclusion of “what if” scenarios provides additional insight and flexibility.

Take full advantage of the Omnitracs Roadnet Territory Planner with professional services from Market Motion. Market Motion has the expertise and experience to provide you with customer insights, in-field execution reviews, time and motion analysis, customer segmentation and route planning.

They can help you:

  • Optimise sales routes.
  • Focus your sales force with improved efficiency and productivity through modelling and analysing resources.
  • Set up custom frequencies for strategic sales calls – daily, weekly, fortnightly, monthly, quarterly, half-yearly etc.
  • Significantly speed up and automate strategic rerouting, reducing time and effort.
  • Model, plan and deliver balanced workload capacities across your sales force.
  • Create sales service policies based on the volume of business and quickly change scenario rules if necessary.
  • Promote sales targets and ‘big picture’ ideology with scoreboards, route summaries and reports.
  • Explore “what-if” scenarios using multiple planning sessions, session transfers and scenario rules. These can include planning for growth, seasonal swings, holidays and more.
  • Make fast changes to resource levels with easy to use drag and drop interface allowing you to filter customers by market, channel, segment or customer profile and change service time and service frequency.
  • Add and edit streets in the GIS environment without having to leave the Territory Planner application.
  • Integrate quality map vendors via the easy to use map interface.
  • Seamlessly push data from Territory Planner to other applications such as Roadnet Scheduler (POS Reservations), Roadnet Routing, MobileCast On Track and via the Roadnet Anywhere Bridge.

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