Roadnet Anywhere Routing Features

Easy route editing. Quickly move stops using maps or list views.
Route Scoreboard to highlight the impact of each route change. Manual moves can be expensive for your business.
Visual tools to quickly create route templates for fast and easy daily routing.
Ability to print all windows, including stop lists and routes.
Dynamic routing, static routing or a combination of both to meet your business’ needs.
Ability to create routing based upon preferred route times, equipment capacity, number of stops and adherence to preferred service windows.
Automatically adding pre-trip and post-trip time, breaks, waits and layovers, creating accurate route plans during the routing process.
Fully integrated pickups to ensure your daily plan is accurate.
“Suggest route” algorithm to find the best route for late or manual orders.
Multiple map views including satellite, hybrid and street views.
Data regarding commercial road restrictions so that route directions and plans are accurate.
Interactive Geocoder utilising Google Maps to ensure that your routes are accurate.
Customer segmentation for better problem-solving.
Cloud-based so no additional hardware needed.
Web-based software-as-a-service application works with smartphones, tablets and enterprise devices.
Integration with major ERPs so you can connect your routing and dispatching to your other internal systems.

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