Roadnet Anywhere Routing is a cloud-based software that automates the routing process of a business. Routing allows users to create optimised vehicle routes when order volume increases above a level that is comfortable to do manually.

Routes are created with accurate travel times by utilising historical traffic patterns. Custom, delivery-specific rules stored in the application lead to more efficient routes. The routing algorithm will balance both profitability and customer requirements. Users can spend less time putting out fires, and more time running the distribution business productively.

When combined with Roadnet Anywhere Dispatch, allows fleet managers to see these routes in real time with GPS tracking, exception management, and confirmation that the fleet’s plan is the reality. Users have the ability to know where remote employees are, when they will make deliveries or service calls, as well as any changes to the day’s plans.

The Roadnet Anywhere mobile application has an easy-to-use interface available on Android, Apple, Windows, and Java devices. The configurable Proof of Delivery and tracking application allows fleets to guide drivers through their day, completing tasks such as collecting signatures, recording accurate quantities delivered and picked up, customized workflow activities, messaging, and capturing pictures of delivery tasks.

With Roadnet Anywhere Routing you’ll be able to:

  • Decrease routing time – Spend less time configuring routes and more time assessing what-if scenarios to produce better, more efficient routes.
  • Reduce transportation costs & kilometres – Daily routes are created using powerful algorithms and street-level routing, in conjunction with your business constraints – results in fewer miles driven.
  • Increase resource utilisation – Make better use of existing resources by delivering more and driving less.
  • View fully integrated map detail – Don’t Plan your routes in the dark. View each route as it’s built geographically.
  • Dynamically add orders – Not sure where that last-minute order should go? Roadnet Anywhere can suggest the best route while striking the perfect balance between route efficiency and service level standards.

Roadnet Anywhere Routing Features:

  • Editing routes is made easy by quickly moving stops between routes using maps or list views
  • Don’t make expensive manual moves – know exactly what the impact of each move is via the Route Scoreboard
  • Quickly create route templates to make daily routing fast and easy using visual tools
  • Users can not only view, but print all windows including stop lists and routes
  • Routing can be fully dynamic, static or a combination of both to meet your business’ needs
  • Routing based upon preferred route times, equipment capacity, number of stops and adhering to preferred service windows
  • Automatically adding pre-trip and post-trip time, breaks, waits and layovers creates accurate route plans during the routing process
  • Pickups can be fully integrated into routes making sure that your daily plan is accurate.
  • Late or manual orders are no problem with powerful suggest route algorithm to find the best route
  • Being able to see what’s going on just like you were there is what having multiple map views that include satellite, hybrid and street views
  • Route plans are only as accurate as the streets commercial vehicles can drive on — directions and plans are accurate when created adhering to commercial road restrictions
  • Interactive Geocoder utilizing Google Maps to ensure that your routes are accurate
  • Segment customers for better problem-solving
  • Cloud based so no additional hardware needed
  • Web-based software-as-a-service application works with smartphones, tablets and enterprise devices
  • Integration with major ERPs makes it easy to connect your routing and dispatching to your other internal systems

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