Dispatching manages all router/driver tracking via a GPS-enabled mobile phone or telematics device, actively tracking the driver through their day. Dispatching also allows for communication between dispatch/managers and their drivers, which allows interaction directly with drivers in the field.

Managers can gain insight and visibility into the delivery day by having all real-time information displayed in a single view, with key performance data and exceptions to easily determine how the day is unfolding.

Roadnet Anywhere Dispatching provides:

  • Real-time visibility – Analyse how well your route plan is being executed with Actual vs. Plan, customer arrival and departure times, and more.
  • Increase driver productivity – GPS tracking ensures your drivers are following the most cost- effective routes, reducing wasted time and mileage.
  • Manage by exception – View a driver’s location and receive notification of any unplanned stops or route path deviations.
  • Proactive customer service – Be alerted to potential service issues before they happen and react efficiently by keeping the lines of communication open to customers.

Dispatching Features

  • Answer Where’s my Truck question is seconds with access to data in real-time.
  • Go green and eliminate overloading drivers with paper use the mobile applications to replace paper manifests and provide driving directions.
  • GPS playback allows you to coach drivers that run extra miles or make unplanned stops with real data.
  • Actual vs. Planned reporting to identify trouble delivery spots and driver variances
  • Identify undesirable driver behaviour — speeding, stopping too long or are out of contact with the office

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